Nutritional balance

A balanced diet is one of the most prominent factors to consider when striving to maintain a proper balance of minerals and vitamins. When trying different diets, those should be utilized only on a short term as limiting the variety of foods will most definitely cause nutritional deficiencies over time. These nutritional deficiencies are  the main factors that cause conditions that results in foods and stress intolerance.

Each mineral and vitamin has an infinite loop-chain of interactions, therefore if you become deficient and deplete the body stores of a particular vitamin, you will start having adverse reactions to foods which depend on the processes “powered” by that specific mineral.

This is the reason why after trying one or another diet for a prolonged amount of time makes it impossible for the people to start eating the foods they could previously tolerate.

The vegetarianism serves a good example of how after a few years, the individuals that try this type of diet fall into a vicious circle of not being able to eat a variety of foods they could previously tolerate and thus becoming sicker over the years. The dangers of vegetarianism is not starting to become more known as statistical data is being gathered and analyzed by sustainable data processes.