Water by pH level

The PH of purified water is about 7. Generally, water with pH less than 6.5 is considered acidic, and greated than 7.5 considered basic. Here’s a table of different water manufacturer’s and their respective water PH.
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Pancreatic insufficiency

With so much attention directed to the liver and digestive disorders associated with liver function impairment, the importance of pancreas seems to be almost completely ignored, particularly due to the fact that the blood tests that evaluate basic enzyme presence in the blood stream are not an accurate representation of pancreatic function. ...  read more

Lysine and Arginine ratio in foods

Lysine and Arginine ratio in foods is an extremely important marker that allows to tailor a diet to a specific balance to achieve a desired effect in viral control, cardiovascular health, and brain health. It is important to remember that an abnormal shift in lysine and arginine ratio will result in developing of abnormal health conditions.  ...  read more

Histamine toxicity

Histamine is a basic amine that is utilized and stored by the basophils and mast cells. Its primary functions include contraction of smooth muscle, cardiac stimulation, and increase in vascular permeability by acting on H1-receptors and gastric acid secretion by acting on H2-receptors. ...  read more

Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) depletion

Glycosaminoglycans (Mucopolysaccharides) are long chains of sugar molecules such as glucosamine. They comprise the first line of defense of mucous membranes of gastrointestinal tract and the bladder. They are also found in fluid around the joints, cartilage, connective tissue and skin. Examples of GAGs include Chondroitin sulfate, Dermatan sulfate, Keratan sulfate, Heparin, Heparan sulfate and Hyaluronan. ...  read more