An ACIDIC BODY is one of the most under-appreciated, yet the most significant health condition markers that reflect the metabolic capacity of a human body to handle physiological and psychological stresses.

An acidic body is a body that is so weak metabolically that it is no longer able to handle normal daily activities, effectively deal with pathogens, and clear its naturally accumulated metabolic waste.

When a person becomes metabolically slow, he or she starts to feel unwell. How long does it take a person to become aware of the illness? It may take an individual many years to learn and recognize each symptom and realize that health keeps progressively deteriorating as the body becomes susceptible to even small stress factors. By the time this condition is realized, these individuals become gradually aware of each isolated symptom they experience. This awareness promotes a natural reaction of an intelligent living organism – avoidance of behavioral patterns and stressors that cause any type of discomfort. Whether it’s psychological such as anxiety and insomnia or physiological such as fatigue and inflammation, metabolically slow people make the connections between the life events and their effects on their bodies.

As a result, the natural avoidance reaction of the “acidic bodies” is to attempt to make living more tolerable via the following:

  • Dietary adjustments such as vegetarianism, paleo diet, fruit and vegetable-based diets or protein-based diets
  • Forced chelation and detoxification of chemical product toxicity byproducts with mineral or herbal agents and physiological therapy such as liver and bowel cleansing.
  • Avoidance of physical stressors and excessive physical activity
  • Allowing more time to sleep in an attempt for a better recovery
  • Sleeping in a completely noise-proof bedroom with strictly regulated temperature
  • Restricting socializing in energy-draining events and isolating from the community due to the stress and its effects
  • Limiting physical activity to the boundaries of tolerance
  • Usage of sedative herbs and medications to adapt to the way a body handles stress
  • Consumption of coffee, vitamins, and herbs to speed up metabolism during the daytime to cope with fatigue while increasing the detoxification pathway wellness
  • Having more orgasms as it feels relaxing
  • Consuming comfort foods to alleviate anxiety and stress

“Acidic bodies” start to supplement with vitamins, amino acids, and herbs inaccurately, thus disturbing the natural balance. Having success with one symptom, they continue to take the remedy that provides temporary relief which leads to a significant negative health impact over time. The real purpose of this attempt should be a carefully planned routine to provide the body with the nutrients it needs to restore impaired functions.

Too little protection from too much acid. The human body is a very sophisticated organism that can adapt and function with a moderately narrow range of ingredients. The fact that more and more people become aware of nutritional deficiencies alongside of food intolerances and allergies indicates an underlying pathology where the food intake alone is not responsible for symptoms.

Unlike acute metabolic acidosis (a.k.a., systemic acidosis), when the body is unable to sustain a proper pH ratio in the blood, an acidic body is a marked condition characterized by an increase of toxic metabolism byproducts.  In chronically unwell people it is commonly a result of a hypoalimentation, very gradual mineral depletion that leads to a depletion of intracellular glutathione. This occurs either due to a sustained imbalance in nutritional intake, a chronic metabolic stressor such as recurring psychological stress, or any physiological condition that results in impaired bio-assimilation. A poor kidney function that deviates from a normal kidney function accompanied by an unhealthy lifestyle might be one of the contributors.

The deficiency of nutrients that is required for hormone and alkalizing buffering agent production affects the digestive and detoxification functions. The net result is a build-up of an unneutralized acidifying metabolic waste that requires more bioavailable nutrients than available within the body.

The mineral malnutrition forces the body into an energy crisis and a state of sustained metabolic stress. It’s facilitated by hormone and neurotransmitter disorders that profoundly affect the functions of the entire human body. As the course of the condition progresses downward, the spectrum of the symptoms gradually increases. The quality of one’s life progressively decreases with the development of adverse health conditions such as persistent fatigue that initially resolves with afternoon naps, indigestion, burping, acid reflux, very light brown or yellow bowel movements, chronic inflammation, weight gain, insomnia, anxiety, neurological and autoimmune disorders such as chronic fatigue syndrome,  fibromyalgia, costochondritis, kidney stones, and many others.

Despite the fact that the condition is very easy to prevent, diagnose, and treat at the earlier stages, this marker is practically and completely ignored by medical healthcare practitioners due to a lack of scientific knowledge and other uncertain (?) factors. This results in devastating consequences arising from misdiagnosis followed by the development of adverse health conditions and treatments aimed at the symptomatology and not the root of their cause.

The symptoms are treated with drugs that further contribute to the deterioration of overall health while masking the body’s functions that are designed to alert of an approaching metabolic disaster. The vicious loop never ends prompting people to seek alternative treatments that often serve as merely a “band-aid” to one’s misery as any more substances introduced into the body such as an overload of herbs or proteins place more strain on metabolic cycles creating more acidic waste in the end.

The abundance of drugs, dietary supplements, and outlets that sell them creates an overwhelming competitive market. Promotion of these products leads to inappropriate methods of marketing such as blog sites that appear to be personal, forged product reviews, and miracle cure campaigns that claim to virtually reverse any health condition. Mislead consumers try these products and perhaps even gain temporary relief. This adds to more artificially created popularity of one product or another. As time goes by, the symptoms come back and are often accompanied by new conditions that are indicative of a more serious systemic involvement that starts to severely affect organs such as the skin, pancreas, liver, kidney, stomach, and many others. Misdiagnosed, this complex leaves people with the incapacity to function and enjoy the lives they were once given.