Oral health tips and anti-cavity diet

Oral health should be considered as one of the most important aspects in maintaining overall health as it’s a part of the digestive mechanism. If you already have or plan on having a root canal procedure done, read important information on root canals.

Tips on keeping your teeth healthy

  • Foods to avoid
    • Processed, frozen, canned
    • Sugar
    • Refined flour
    • Artificial sweeteners and flavoring agents
    • Oatmeal prevents mineral absorption and should be limited
    • Breakfast cereals, crackers and other unfermented grains
  • Foods to eat
    • Grass-fed beef for proper iron & B12 levels
    • More raw and fermented foods to gain benefits from natural enzymes
    • Green leafy vegetables (at least 1 full 8oz glass a day)
    • Limited but not excluded fruits and starchy vegetables
    • Organic foods that are rich in minerals
    • Soaked nuts only, to reduce phytic acid content
    • Reduce the amount of omega 6 vegetable oils and increase omega 3 fats. For everyday oil alternate between olive and coconut oils.
  • Supplements can be helpful in keeping to teeth decay free
    • Boron 3mg per day on empty stomach
    • Fermented cod liver oil
    • Zinc 15mg / copper 1mg per day
    • Manganese 2mg per day
    • 500mg magnesium malate/500mg calcium citrate (optional, can be obtained from diet)
    • Fat-Soluble Vitamins (daily)
      • Vitamin A 2500UI (Present in cod liver oil)
      • Vitamin D3 400UI (Present in cod liver oil)
      • Vitamin K2 (MK-7)  100-400mcg per day
      • Vitamin E 100-200UI (optional, can be obtained from diet)
  • Lifestyle changes
    • Brush and floss after each meal
    • Rinse the mouth with 1:1 mixture of salt and baking soda (half a spoon of substance diluted in a glass of water) before going to bed

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